Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Phone IconQ. Can I customize the program beyond the options described here?
A. Yes! Each company gets their own codebase, so we are extremely flexible in our ability to customize. Additional programming charges will likely apply for additional customizations.

Q. My product / service has specific guidelines my clients must follow, can they be added to the program?
A. In most cases, yes, and without any custom programming required. We have a "Getting Started Guide" and FAQ section within the program which you can add content to. You can also use your custom product page and even link back to a page on your website. We can even tweak some of the text within the program to fit your needs.

Q. Is there an unlimited package?
A. We can offer options for more users, beyond the 3 packages displayed. Please contact us with a request.

Q. Can I see my user's diet data within the control panel?
A. No, that data is kept private. You can see their email address and the date they joined.

Q. What happens if someone is no longer a customer of mine?
A. You can easily remove them in the control panel, freeing up that slot for someone new.

Q. Can I upgrade or downgrade my package if my user needs change?
A. Yes, but a small change-fee may apply.

Q. Can I monetize the program?
A. Yes, you can offer the program in any way you wish. We do not handle payment processing, however.

Q. Can I display ads in the program?
A. Yes, the space below the main menu can be used for display ads. However, some ad platforms are not compatible with our application framework.

Q. Is the program iOS and Android compatible?
A. Yes, this is a progressive web app (PWA), meaning that it contains specific code for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Once added to a device, it keeps your icon on their screen and launches the program in full-screen, without a surrounding web browser.

Q. Will I have access to the source code?
A. No, we do not provide that access.

Q. Is the program secure?
A. Yes, the program runs using the latest SSL standards and your members (and their data) are not mixed in with other companies.

Q. Can I use my own domain name?
A. Yes, but an additional fee will apply. You'll have to purchase an SSL certificate too as we don't allow unsecured access.

Q. Am I locked into a contract?
A. No contract and you can cancel at any time without even contacting us. Your control panel has a link to cancel, if you wish.

Q. How is the program support handeled?
A. There is a support contact form within the program where users can open tickets for program questions and technical issues. At setup, you can choose who receives these emails. You can have the technical issues go directly to us if you wish, but it's your choice. Lost passwords are handled using email recovery, a fully automated process.

Q. What is meant by private label and white label?
A. That means we have none of our branding within your program; no references to us, no copyright notice, no links, etc. Only your branding is displayed to your clients.