Customization Options

Custom Screen

1. Header Name and Color
Your company or product name (your choice) along with the colors that best fits your image.

2. Your Logo
Your logo appears on the menu and other key places within the program (login screen, etc.)

3. Your Product Page
You get a full page within the program to talk about your products/services. If applicable, you can even track your product from this page. You can also include reordering information, links to your website and more.

4. Nutritional Focus
Your tracking program will focus on a single nutritional category and for most situations this is calories. If you are offering a specialized diet, we can change your main category to fat, carbs, NET carbs, protein, fiber or sodium. Users can also decide to track all categories if they prefer more in-depth nutritional tracking.

5. Your Message
You have a panel on the home screen that allows you to communicate with your members directly from the control panel.

PLUS: Database Placement
If applicable, we will place your products/exercises in our database, so they can be easily tracked.

PLUS: Terms & Conditions
You may add text to the Terms & Conditions members must agree to before joining your program.

Note: As a white-label / private-label service, our company name does not appear anywhere within your program, only your branding is featured.